AV: Familial Fandom, Father Figures & The Force

This video essay tackles contemporary Star Wars fandom and it’s complicated relationship with the franchise, specifically looking at the reception to The Last Jedi (2017). Analysing ‘Fanthropology’ through the lens of my own fan experience – and the recent passing of my dad – I posit ‘Familial Fandom’ as a theory to cover the familial connection many fans make with the films they love. Moreover, is there a correlation between the relationship one develops with a fan text, and the content within the text itself?

Writer/Director/Editor/Narrator: Adam Farrell
Music: Channel Island Sound (soundcloud.com/channelislandsound)
Featuring Andrew Hodge
Cover image: ‘Hero’s Wound: Darth Vader’ by Ricardo Cavolo

With thanks to:
Watershed Cinema
Kathrina Glitre
Bristol Film Festival
We The Curious
Susan Farrell
Rose Farrell
& Kate Foreman


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